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About Legalize Daily

Providing quality, innovative and unique business legal services.

Unlimited Posibilities

Legal Smart. Business Wit. Client Centric.

Legalize Daily is a distinguished legal consultancy committed to providing quality, innovative and unique legal services tailored for individuals and corporate entities.

With a team of qualified and versatile legal experts, our mission is to maintain utmost professionalism while partnering with our clients to provide them with a unique experience of our client centered legal services.

While the aim is to assume a refined success in the corporate and commercial legal environment in the next ten years, loyalty, inclusivity, equal opportunity and innovation remain fundamental in assisting our clients in achieving their objectives as swiftly and as smoothly as possible while minimizing any possible legal and regulatory risks.


Compliance Management
Contract Management
Intellectual Property Management
Entertainment Law
Company Law & Corporate Governance
We Guarantee

Innovative and creative legal assistance designed to suit the client’s specific needs


Loyalty in swift service delivery to keep the client coming back for more


Professionalism in service, seasoned with etiquette for our clients to rely on us


Knowledge and information to meet all our client’s legal concerns

Leisa J Leisanyane
Leisa J Leisanyane
Managing Director & Legal Consultant (LLB, LLM)

Leisa is an avid commercial Lawyer and educator in Lesotho. He brags with his local and international legal services exposure in Corporate Law and Intellectual Property.

Nonnie Da Silva Manyokole
Nonnie Da Silva Manyokole
Legal Consultant (LLB,LLM, Attorney)

Nonnie is a renowned Attorney in the courts of Lesotho and South Africa, and boasts her vast experience in Business law, Labour law and Civil litigation.

Mpeo Leisanyane
Mpeo Leisanyane
Business Manager

Mpeo is a business technologist with experience in financial management and administrative functions. Her role is not only to see to the impeccable administration of the consultancy and our services delivery, but also to make sure that we are financially accountable.

Ama Ocran

Ama Ocran

Legal Assistant (LLB)

Ama is a hardworking, focused and result oriented member of our team who also happens to assume an integral role in the consultancy. Her job is to pull us all together while ensuring that our clients are properly and adequately served to their maximum satisfaction.