Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship – Presentation

Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship – Presentation

The value of intellectual property in entrepreneurship cannot be overemphasized. When properly taken advantage of, it becomes a value creating tool for business brands across all industries, including the apparel industry.  Along with the protection and commercialization of intellectual property comes  numerous potential benefits for entrepreneurs such as the enhancement of their business’ value, safeguarding of the business’ brand reputation, creation of secondary revenue through the commercialization of that IP, and several others.

This past weekend has been nothing short of amazing as we got the opportunity to engage with upcoming entrepreneurs in the apparel industry of Lesotho and share these insights with them. First it was to breakdown intellectual property in to tiny bits and pieces, then followed by sharing with them ways in which they can exploit their intellectual property in order to create value for the businesses.

Special vote of thanks to Vodacom Lesotho for inviting us in this regard, the presentation of 13 March 2021 can be accessed of here: Intellectual-Property-Entrepreneurship 

At Legalize Daily, we always are delighted to accept invitations to do private or public presentations, workshops and training for organizations or platforms of all kind on diverse issues of law ranging from intellectual property, business law, corporate governance, compliance management et al.

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